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Jordin Duyck
United States
I had been here for nearly two years now and I am ready to finally become a professional writer of sorts or the like.

I am now on multiple platforms:

Fanfiction - Shen's General:
Fimfiction - Ebony Stallion:…
Patreon - Sexytimes25:

I am also now on Patreon, accepting commissions there, here, and on Fanfiction.

If you want to read any of my stories on there, click the above link.




In case no one had noticed, but I am now offering writing commissions for short stories about one thing...or rather two: boobs.

Here are the prices:

$5 per 1000 words (up to 3000 words)

Here are the rules:

1. While this is MLP fandom, I am willing to do fics from MLP or Pokemon. Heck, I am hoping to cross over into original stories about furry anthros.

2. Oneshots are preferred. Since I am still a little rusty, I would like to try and keep it simple.

3. None of the extreme fetishes, like scat, vore, watersports, or diapers.

4. Since this will be featuring boob-related stuff, the smutfic should have at least one boob related stuff in it.

5. I am not comfortable in writing M/M fics, so none of that, I'm afraid, and I don't do Human Male on Female Mare/Pokemon/whatever, unless the female is an anthro


Succubus (Commission by JAEH)
This character is free to be used in any fanfiction or fanart. If you wish to use her, please ask me first. Previous works with her has been permitted by me.

Meet Succubus, a sexy busty thestral with a loving for sex and stallions. She takes pride in her big boobs and will gladly give paizuris to everyone who wants them. Paizuris are her favorite form of sex and hers are out of this world. Don't worry though if you are a girl... she goes both ways.

While her name is Succubus, she isn't an actual Succubus... she just loves lots and lots of sex and wrapping her boobs around stuff.

This pic was not made by me, but by :iconjaehthebird:. Please support the artist.

I do not own My Little Pony or My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

You can contact me at the following links if you want to use her:……
Things That Goes Bump In The Night
Just a thing I did for DA's birthday. Paint Bucket didn't work right, but I think this stuff looks passable.


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As a fan of the MLP fandom, I had designed and created a bunch of OCs for My Little Pony, and I would love to have points to use for commissions and such. You don't have to give much, as every point will count. Thank you.

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Nyra and Kludd will do the Guardians oath at the end of MaMS.
Just in case you forget, the oath is found in the prologue of The Burning.
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